Sunday, September 2, 2012

Week 2 Training Recap - Listening to my body


Week 2 of training brought with it some challenges, the biggest of which included me throwing up for an entire day. Ick. Here’s the run down.


Monday – Body Pump Class (60 minutes)

Tuesday – 3 miles on the treadmill on legs still dead from Body Pump followed immediately by Physical Therapy (90 minutes including soft tissue work, running/walking/marching/etc on treadmill for more gait analysis, squats, deadlifts, and other torture), Foam Rolling & Stretching.

Wednesday – 2.5 mile walk. Body, mind, and spirit simply exhausted. Foam rolling & stretching.

Thursday – Orthopedist Appt, Physical Therapy (75 minutes including soft tissue work, dead lifts, lunges, squats, core, core, and more core!), and Massage to work on my stubborn muscles.

Friday – Sick all day. Didn’t stray from my bed and my puke bowl. Really quite awful.

Saturday – Canoeing with family in morning. Back in bed exhausted and nauseated for the rest of the day. I tried to come back a little too fast. My body was not ready for anything but my bed.

Sunday – 2 mile hike with family and friends (1 mile of which I had a 35lb toddler on my back). Foam rolling and stretching.

Ouch. What a week. I’m having a hard time balancing my workouts with physical therapy. I never known if it’s going to be an easy or hard day at PT, though it seems as I’m getting stronger I am getting back into the routine of them all being hard days. But man, for the most part physical therapy is a full hour of hard strength training with 15 minutes of extremely painful soft tissue work thrown on top. It’s both hard to do on exhausted legs, and it creates exhausted legs that don’t want to work more. The break on Wednesday/Thursday this week would have been okay had I been able to go as planned Friday-Sunday with 2 runs and a spin class. My body had other ideas.

I can’t stress. It’s early on in training. Instead, I’ll wake up in the morning to go run a 5 mile race because it will ensure I get in my  5 mile training run, and I’ll make a plan for a week. All the while I am focusing on listening to my body.


A butterfly on my family’s hike today.

Some days I can caught up in the hows of running. I create training plans, plan races, and study the data from my Garmin. I read blogs, magazines, and books. Sometimes while I run, I even listen to podcasts about running. Some of this is helpful. I want to run faster and get stronger. I want to get and stay uninjured. I enjoy the running community and the jargon-filled chat of all things running (even if I’m still a newbie to it all!).

But perhaps, sometimes, I am missing the point. Sometimes, I forget the part of running where my body teaches me instead of me teaching my body. I’ve said that I will be listening to my body as I return to training for the Wine and Dine half marathon, but I think I need to reconsider how I do that. When I wrote that, I was thinking about paying attention to my aches and pains, communicating with the physical therapist, and trying my best to not overdo things while taking care of my body. I need to do all that, true.

At the same time, I think I need to listen to my body as I run. Listen to my body speak as it runs, let it pick it’s pace and even it’s distance. I need to listen to my body and soul as it tells me when and where I need to run, even why I need to run. It’s great to nail paces and knock out training runs, but that’s not exactly where my body’s at right now. I could force that, sure, but at worst, I could hurt myself and at a best, I’d be missing out on the gift in running right now.

The gift in running right now is that I can put aside the track workouts and ignore the time goals dreamed up before months of physical therapy. I could even *gasp* leave the Garmin at home. While my body doesn’t want to run fast and disciplined conforming to a schedule, it does want to run.

My body wants to run to feel the steady rhythm that I haven’t been able to duplicate anywhere else. My body wants to feel the sweat dripping down my back from a satisfying effort. My body wants to fall asleep at night with the delicious exhaustion that comes from a good run that day. My body (and mind) want 30-45 minutes of peace and quiet focusing on nothing else but itself. My body needs to run.

So I do have a goal up ahead, a half marathon race, and I might even throw in a 5k on vacation. But the focus of my workouts won’t be on pace or distance. It’ll be on listening to my body in a new way and soaking in the deliciousness of the run.

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  1. I commend you for listing such a routine. You definitely have a healthy lifestyle, eh? Exercising is really good for maintaining a sense of well-being but it’s still recommended to leave a day for your body to rest just to balance the scale. =)


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