Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wine & Dine Training Week 4 Recap & Half Marathon Survival Kits


I am in a fog recovering from a fabulous week in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I didn’t stress or focus on training, and I gained a couple of pounds. It is what it is. I’m not upset, and I am ready to get back to working hard!


Week 4 Training Recap

Monday: run 8 miles!!!! (part of my sister’s first ever 10 mile run!), foam roll & stretching

Tuesday: foam rolling & stretching. beach. pool. need I say more?

Wednesday: hang out by pool.

Thursday: climb a lighthouse and play on the beach all. day. long.

Friday: soak up end of vacation

Saturday: drive for 12 hours and eat junk food

Sunday: nap, unpack

Yea so I didn’t do much but I did log my longest run since February which I will call a success. Here are some pictures of what I was doing instead of running.

P9101973P9102035P9122187P9140024P9132302P9132344P9140077P9140082P9140031P9140044 (2)-001P9132375-001

Back to this half marathon thing…. I wanted to share with you these half marathon survival kits that I put together for my sister and friend who are both running their first ever half marathon in November!


They weren’t anything fancy, but just a little something to provide some encouragement on their way to this awesome goal.

Contents: a mix CD of running themed tunes, 13.1 car decal for when they cross the finish, running fuel like GU and Honey Stingers, Nuun electrolyte tabs, Biofreeze for those sore muscles, little baby Body Glides, lacrosse balls for rolling out those knotty muscles, an inspirational collage to sit on their desks at work, and a note reminding me all the reasons they want this and how I totally know they can do this!

I cannot wait to be there when both of these lovely ladies cross their first ever half marathon finish line!

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