Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wine & Dine Training Week 5 Recap

Hmmm, what training? Here’s a super quick belated recap post.

Let me be clear that this is not an excuse. My training sucked this week. My family was getting their butt kicked by life. Nothing catastrophic, thank God, but returning from vacation and back into school while being slammed by a particularly rough week was just not good. When I had to pick something to go, training was it. It was both a choice and not a choice. I wasn’t happy about it, but I had to survive the week.

Monday: PT was cancelled as PT was out of office unexpectely

Tuesday: nothing

Wednesday: I had to cancel PT to not be late to a CPR class I had to teach for my kids’ teachers.

Thursday: nothing

Friday: nothing (this was the first day that I truly had opportunity and just continued to put it off)

Saturday: 5 miles with a friend while on a Girls Weekend in the Poconos!

Sunday: 1.5 miles with another friend on Girls Weekend. (I don’t run back to back so while I considered making this 3, my body didn’t like that idea and I listened. At least I shook things out a bit).


I have 7 weeks of training left! Lots to do… like get back to physical therapy this week… oh yea, and run…. and make costume decisions!

What are you favorite Disney costumes? What would you dress up as for a RunDisney race? Any votes on what I should dress up as? I’m considering Snow White, Snow White’s Evil Stepmom, Cruella Deville, or maybe just good ol’ Minnie Mouse!

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