Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wine & Dine Week 6 Training–Running Skirts, Jogging Strollers, and Black Walnuts!

After a few slacker weeks, I was determined to get back on track this week. I broke out my first ever running skirt to take it for a spin on Tuesday. I loved it! Seriously. I found on a clearance rack at the Champion Outlet. For $15, it fits fabulous, the shorts don’t ride up at all (a miracle all by itself!), and my run was chafe-free. SCORE!



Monday: nothing

Tuesday: 4 mile run + 45 minutes of foam rolling, stretching, Sticking, and ultrasound.

Wednesday: 60 minutes Physical Therapy (include soft tissue torture, a ridiculous number of one leg squats, core, and other stuff)

Thursday: 3.1 mile stroller run (first ever!), 15 minutes of core work

Friday: 50 minute spin class,

Saturday: Attempted 10 miler, but stopped at 5 after a nasty run in with a black walnut.

Sunday: foam rolling and stretching, plus lots of ice and stim therapy for the ankle


On Thursday, I decided to my throw my stroller in the car and take my younger son out for a run while his brother was at school. I’ve never ran with a stroller before. Well, before I started running, I’d sometimes take the stroller out and run short bursts in between my walking just trying to burn calories and lose baby weight, but I never straight ran. I couldn’t. I didn’t have the endurance to push the stroller and run. I was intimidated by the idea, but I headed to a flat-ish running loop with a playground for the boy to play at when I was done. I pushed through 3.1 miles at a faster pace than I’ve been doing some of my runs so that was great, but I couldn’t have ran one more step. I definitely went too fast, and the smallest hills tried to kill me as I pushed up my 38lb kid up them. I hope to make this a weekly thing. I can definitely see how it will help me build endurance, and my little guy survived and had a blast playing on the playground afterwards. I gave him a snack, a drink, and some cars to hold in the stroller, and he was pretty content.


My Saturday run was doomed from the start. My husband got called on Friday to do a last minute funeral on Saturday. That meant I’d have to get out early (dark early) to squeeze in my planned 10 miles. At least it was going to be cool and party cloudy despite Friday’s rain. I laid out my stuff and planned accordingly. Saturday I woke up to a dead (despite being plugged in) Garmin. I thought about screwing it all, but I talked some sense into myself. I know where the 5 mile mark is on the road heading out from my house so I decided to use a stop watch on my phone to know my time afterwards and leave it at that. I headed out the door and walked into a steady misting and cold rain. Sigh. Oh well, get moving.

The first 2 miles were cold and my fingers were numb. I was cranky and doubting my ability to do 10, but by mile 4 I was feeling good and I knew I’d be able to finish. My pace was slow and comfortable. I was enjoying the cool, wet fall weather, and I was thrilled that I was going to finish my first 10 miler in 6 months. That is until I ran into, or rather onto, this.


I rolled my ankle on this black walnut. It hurt. Tears sprang to my eyes, and I knew I was in trouble. I called hubby immediately to come get me. He didn’t answer and I tested out some weight bearing. I even ran another tenth of a mile but I could feel it swelling and it sure didn’t feel good. I walked the final tenth to the 5 mile mark and called whoever I could that would tell me to not be an idiot and get off of my foot fast. My sister talked some sense into me, and I called the husband again to come get me. I was not a happy camper.


I am bearing weight now. It’s sore, but the swelling is already gone. I just need to see how fast I can get back running on it. I see the PT tomorrow afternoon so I’ll talk to him about it. I am choosing to celebrate the work I did do this week instead of wallowing in the frustration of another stupid injury. Just 6 more weeks to Disney!

And this week, I’m tackling my totally poor eating habits that appeared on vacation and haven’t disappeared. Hmmm green veggies and lots of fresh juice coming right up!! I’ll let you know how that goes.

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