Monday, October 8, 2012

Wine & Dine Week 7 Training Recap

Oh dear. Only 5 weeks left, and this training cycle has been a total disaster!!!

Monday: 90 minutes Physical Therapy – don’t remember details but it was a LOT of hard work

Tuesday: Body Pump class

Wednesday: Spin class + 90 minutes Physical Therapy (again a LOT of hard work on extremely tired muscles)

Thursday: Nothing. Couldn’t lift my arms thanks to Body Pump and PT

Friday: Still nothing. Got attacked by a killer head cold.

Saturday: Nothing

Sunday: 2 miles (with no ankle pain!), core, and foam rolling. Killer head cold still killer but refused to take another full rest day.

Knowing I couldn’t run after the killer black walnut incident, I started this week determined to get my workouts in regardless. I went hard in the first half of the week and then burnt out. I have wretched head/chest cold that is totally kicking my butt right now. Excuses, excuses.

I’ve had a hard time this training cycle really feeling like I was in training with the lack of mileage, being careful with injuries, and the ups and downs. When I’ve tried to really get back up to a full training load (a very modest one at that but the bare minimum that I would consider training for me), my body has revolted in one way or the other. Injuries have been irritated. I’ve been absolutely exhausted. I’ve twisted an ankle. And now my immune system says I quit!

When I’ve started weeks out strong with workouts, I have been completely exhausted, passing out at 8:30pm from sheer physical exhaustion. My body has never adjusted to a training load due to lack of consistency in training. A lack of nutritional consistency is the other piece. I haven’t even been hydrating consistently. I haven’t been acting like I was in training at all!

But I have been successful at a few things…

*going to physical therapy and not pushing my body beyond a safe point (despite frustration!)

*more foam rolling and stretching then I have ever done in a training cycle

*more strength training and core work than I have ever done!

*cross training, especially spin classes!

I have 5 weeks left. Clearly. my goal will simply be to finish this race. It was before, but with the ankle strain any unspoken dreams of seeing what my body could unexpectedly pull out on race day are gone. I need to finish this 13.1 miles and be ready to pace my sister for her first 13.1 miles at the Philadelphia Half Marathon the following weekend. I will build on my successes, keep up the strength and cross training, add in more miles, work on my nutrition, and act like I am in training for this last stretch!

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