Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wine & Dine Weeks 9 & 10 Training–Yet Another Disaster


It’s a double week recap because I spent most of this week seriously ill, barely getting out bed for a couple of days,

Week 9

Monday – ?

Tuesday – ?

Wednesday – 5 miles + physical therapy

Thursday – ?

Friday – 1 mile (cut run short with some tummy troubles)

Saturday – 10 miles.

Sunday – SICK

Week 10

Monday – SICK

Tuesday – SICK

Wednesday – SICK

Thursday – SICK, finally went to doctor’s and started antibiotics (which I never do)

Friday – slightly less sick

Saturday – 45 minutes home PT exercises and core work

Sunday – 3.25 miles

So yea things aren’t looking good. Week 10 was supposed to be my last week before tapering, and I was looking forward to kicking butt! My body had other plans. An upper respiratory infection knocked me on my …. well ya know. This training cycle has been one disaster after another. Seriously.

Fullscreen capture 10272012 80040 PM.bmp

That is my weekly mileage totals for the first 9 weeks of this training cycle. Add a 3 at the end of you have the first 10 weeks. Whaaaat? Ouch. Frighteningly enough, I still have a chance of hitting the # of miles I ran before my first ever half marathon. Geesh, no matter that race hurt so much!  The good news is I’ve done more strength and cross training than I did before that race, and I weigh almost 10lbs less. At least I’ve got that on my side.

It is what it is. I can’t push the next two weeks because I’m recovering from illness and in the longer term injury. Plus, my body needs to be able to survive the Philly half marathon the week after Wine & Dine. Oh yea and there is this little hurricane coming through that’s going to throw life upside down!

I’ll nurse myself back to health and focus on my costume… now, to learn how to sew, hmmmm…


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