Tuesday, January 1, 2013

This kid has made it around the sun 6 times!

My boy is 6. It’s crazy. Every year seems crazy. He just keeps growing.

He attends a really awesome Montessori school, and one of their traditions is that they have each child on their birthday carry a replica of the Earth in their hands and walk around the replica of the sun to represent the years they’ve been alive. If parents send in pictures from each year, they share those with each orbit of the sun.

He helped me pick out the pictures below for his own walks around the sun. Birth, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years, 5 years.

Starred Photos14

As he explained to me, we don’t need a picture of him now because well he looks like he does now! But I had to grab a couple for the blog and for me when I look back on this post. Here is my big bad 6 year old!

Starred Photos15

I made Rainbow Rice Krispie Treats for his birthday celebration at school. A little time consuming, but easy and totally worth it. I’ll be sure to take some more pictures and throw them up on Facebook or Twitter when we cut them for Wednesday. But in the meantime, we are celebrating his actual birthday today!

I’ve been meaning to get a reusable birthday banner for years and never figured it out. This year, thanks to Dream Child Studio on Etsy and abigailshopedesigns on etsy and their crazy fast shipping for me, I was able to order just a few days ago after my brain had recovered from Christmas. We also got a special birthday crown to add to our birthday traditions. (ETA – unfortunately the birthday crown didn’t make it in time, but to no fault of Dream Child Studio… not sure what happened with the post office – it’s somewhere in Washington now. It started in Wisconsin and was supposed to go to NJ. Washington state is not on the way. Hopefully it’ll get here so B can wear it to his school celebration, if not to his birthday party with his friends in two weeks).

After their first birthday, we haven’t done a lot as far as birthday traditions. We threw things together at the last minute each year. Ben’s is hard being so close to Christmas, and well after haphazardly throwing his together we never felt like we should more for Elijah. This year is my attempt to finally start a few simple traditions that we can do for everyone’s birthday to make them the star of the day even if it’s a quiet day at home.


We’ve created a little birthday table, inspired by this blog, with pictures of the birthday child as an infant along with our candles to represent the sun and the numbers of times he’s circled it like in the Montessori tradition. I’d honestly love to get a wooden birthday ring which is from the Waldorf tradition, but I couldn’t lay out the money for that right now. We’ve added his gifts to this table as well. He has a gift from his godmother who lives a few states away… and his gift from us – some gymnastics rings for the playset outside! (We have a set with the trapeze bar in the middle, but he wants to move up to the straight rings like he practices on in the big kid class at gymnastics. Seriously, 6-12 y/o boys! It’s so crazy to see my baby with those big kids.


Today, we will celebrate with a super rare trip to the mall! (I know, it’s funny, but we live 45 minutes away and very rarely need to go to a mall). Ben loves legos and has never been to a Lego store! So that is the main purpose. We’ll also probably eat out, because he loves to eat out as well, but we’re going to be flexible and just see how the day goes and what the Birthday boy has in mind.

We celebrate your birth
And your place on the earth.
May the sun, moon, and stars
Bring you peace where you are.

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