Sunday, January 8, 2017

Raising My Rainbow

Originally published on September 30, 2016.

I was going through old school papers and filing them this morning. I came across this. This is a picture my girl drew in the beginning of first grade. A year and a half before we understood she was our daughter, before she started living as herself. She never told us this was her, but now it's all I can see. That's my girl, and I'm so grateful we get to see her rainbowy smile everyday. Not all day by any means... shes a fourth grader, a tween... and a spirited thing with all sorts of big feelings that come out in big ways (geesh, I have NO idea where she gets that from 😬)... but not a day goes by that we don't get to see that bright, shining, authentic rainbow smile and that is a beautiful thing.

#bewhoyouare #transkids #raisingmyrainbow

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