Friday, April 14, 2017

Just Keep Being Yourself

Advice from Rebekah about being a transgender kid. Thanks Mic Media!


  1. The most beautiful love thing any parent can give to a child is that's child's self. Thank you!

  2. ???? Why just why. What is wrong with this world. Christian parents that have a trans kid. Wtf! He is seven and making choices for him self. I guess you parents can't say no! Terrible parenting skill! This makes me want to move to North Korea

    1. As Rebekah said in the video, "Don't listen to bullies." Look up the psychological research behind gender identity, what you learn might surprise you. Terrible parenting would be forcing this child to the gender her parents and society pigeonhole her into. Allowing transgender kids to be their authentic selves is exactly what they need, and that's a claim backed by research into the benefits of parents' acceptance on the mental well-being of LGBT youth!


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