Monday, July 31, 2017

Dear Betsy Devos: This is What Happens When Your Support Trans Students

Dear Betsy DeVos,
You know what happens when trans students are supported in schools? They have the opportunity to succeed, to work to the best of their ability, and to grow, learn and excel in a safe and affirming environment.
My daughter is lucky to have support, and it's because of that support that she can focus on academics, being a positive member of the school community, and growing into an adult who will contribute to the betterment of our country.
It's because she is fully supported that she is able to "make the most of [her] educational opportunities... diligently working to reach [her] goals". Those are the words Donald J. Trump used in the letter she received as a recipient of the President's Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence. He continues on to implore her to continue to pursue her educational goals. He writes, "Your community and your country are counting on you."
Well, Ms. Devos and Mr. Trump, trans students are counting on their communities and, yes, their country to support them, to protect their rights and to ensure they have access to the education every single student in America deserves. They are counting on you. My daughter is lucky to live in a state and a district that protects her rights, but it shouldn't come down to luck. Do better.
A Proud Mama Bear to a Transgender Student

Originally posted on Facebook, June 15 2017.

Extended Article Available at Huffington Post.


  1. Hi,

    My apologies I don't have time to read all your posts, but I read about your story on the Christian Post. I wanted to take the time to make some comments. I hope you prayerfully consider what I say and think about it if applies to your situation.

    1. Did you know that there are foods and many medications that can cause sexual changes in the human body and gender confusion. I have known many people that become uninterested in sex or addicts after taking a medicine. I know one woman who began to feel much more feminine after taking a medicine. There are many foods that are estrogenic and affect progesterone also. There is a specific health problem called "estrogen dominance" that affects many women eating a bad diet. As a Christian, I hope you realize that Satan has polluted this world with many toxic chemicals and bad food etc. that has sickened God's people. I don't have time to write a book here, but I would recommend a visit to a Naturopathic Physician. These are doctors who take about 80% the same coursework as Medical Doctors, but they do not learn surgery and stuff and they also learn nutrition and herbs and massage and stuff. I have come to believe they practice a more biblically accurate form of medicine than MD's. Anyway, I recommend taking your child to a ND because they help you determine if your child has been eating a specific diet that can influence hormones and gender identity. They know more about these things than MD's. You want to look for a ND that has attended a 4-year medical school not a general "naturopath".

    Isn't it worth looking into if simply diet or medicines made your boy feel like a girl and he wasn't born that way?

    2. You mentioned somewhere wanted to start your son on hormone blockers and perhaps later in life he might have surgery (castration I assume). Here is the thing-you want your child to take medicine to make him more like a girl that he in not physically and later a dramatic surgery, but have you not considered that it makes more sense for your son to take hormones now to lower his estrogen etc. and increase his testosterone levels so that he feels like a boy that matches what he was physically born to be? Isn't it more logical to make his mind match his body than to have a radically surgery that can never be reversed?

    Much more to say but I hope this gets you thinking. Somewhere you also mentioned being depressed and anxious. As are most Americans. This comes from Satan and not from God and from physical health issues and stress. You would benefit from a ND visit also, a nutrition consultation and a massage and acupressure. ANyway, please pray about all this and see what God tells you.

    Satan has completed polluted our land and water and food and the increase in sexual addictions and gender confusion is one part of it. And by the way I am a scientist and this is purely scientific. There are research studies showing how medicines in lakes have caused fish to change genders etc.

    Thank you for reading. I am praying for you and your family.

  2. The name Samuel means "Heard by God"
    The name Rebekah means "To Bind"

    Satan has your son in bondage.

    I pray for you often that you learn how to free your son from this bondage. The Bible is very clear that not only homosexuality, but even dressing as the other gender is sinful. This gender confusion comes from a sinful world, abuse, pornography and many other sources but not from God.

    1. If you want to bring religion into it then consider god created all of us if he didn't like
      Cross dresser homosexual or transgender then why does he create people like it

  3. What's this about Satan nope not Satan to be transgender stop talking god rubbish if GI'd will love her for who she is I'm from Britain you guys in America take religion the wrong way god love all no matter boy born a girl or a girl born a born. I'm from Britain and we accept this in religion and health wanna quote thow shall not judge. What are you doing Judging.

    Live your life the fullest pretty girl and may all your wishes be true.your a true inspiration and brave I'm straight and born a 27 year old boy this is the 21st centurey time have change.

  4. SolaScripturaSistersNovember 27, 2017 at 8:13 AM

    Please Sisters, Some respect here! Stop throwing around bible verses and blaming demons. Do some research like for instant those wanting to commit suicide. Living in a sinful world will not help you understand these complex issues. I bet you have listen to Rick warren and Joel Osteen very powerful speakers?

  5. Dear Jamie and Rebekah,
    First I want to congratulate you both. This is wonderfull!
    Jamie, you have a wonderfull daughter, she is cute, smart and blessed by such parents.
    I don't understand why people with lesser education and awareness, try to convince you and your husband, what the Will of God is or should be!
    Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion of course, and I think it's brave of you not to erase negative comments.
    In my opinion a child can very well decide how he or she feels and if he or she is in the right body or not.
    In my opinion the devil or satan has nothing to do with Rebekah. Like you wrote: God doesn't make mistakes, we all have to accept who we are and how we are build and our looks don't determine how we behave, our mind does so together with parents, friends, education, social environment, believes, etc.
    I admire all of you, but Rebekah: please stay who you are, a happy and bright girl and Jamie: do not let it get you.
    I'm Roman-Catholic and praying for you too, as wel as for Anonymous.
    God lives in the Netherlands too, so I'll be heard ....


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